Fall Tune-Up Special!

Fall weather is approaching fast, the cooler nights and shorter days’ reveal winter is coming in a few short months. As homeowners, we start to think about what is next when it comes to making sure we are prepared for the next season.

When it comes to your garage door maintenance a fall is one of the seasons where being prepared will help you pass through winter with fewer issues. An annual garage door tune-up helps ensure reliable, quiet operation and safety. The garage door is the most used part of your home, on average your door will open 1,000 per year. Keeping the door running at its best is what we do. Safety is number one at Warner Garage Door, we want you and your family to be safe getting in and out of your home and a fall tune-up can help ensure that happens.

The Fall Tune-Up special includes one of our highly trained installers coming to your home and performing a number of tasks to ensure your doors work properly through the winter months. We will take a look at your tension and springs, check safety features, lubricate parts and check rollers all to ensure the door is working properly.
Having a tune-up is a great way to avoid any issues that may happen in the cold of winter.

Call us today to schedule your Fall Tune-Up for only $79!

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